At the fundamental level, staffing and/or collaboration are local affairs. Olympia has made a conscious decision to take a local approach to its business: after all, it is at the local level that we need to support the client and offer tailored services.

At Olympia, this is done by entrepreneurs who know the local and regional markets through and through. Who personally live and work in the direct vicinity of the locations where they meet and serve their clients. Who know their clients personally. Who speak the same language. Who are closely connected to the regional employment market and work to maintain their local network.

In short: entrepreneurs who have decided on an independent approach to their business and who are therefore prepared to make every possible effort to provide effective service to their clients.

Olympia is a professional service provider with the following characteristics:

  • National branch network with 105 regular offices and 49 Vendors-on-Premise (VOPs);
  • Turnover in 2011: EUR 265 million;
  • Core business: staffing and contract placement, payrolling and Inhouse service (VOPs);
  • Every day, some 11,000 temporary employees work via Olympia;
  • Member of ABU (the Dutch Federation of Staffing Agencies);
  • First-class member of NFV (the Dutch Franchise Association);
  • A large number of reputable and satisfied clients/departments/organisations in your specific segment;
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified, NEN 4400 certified.

More information

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Eisenhowerlaan 140
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T +31 (0)70 338 10 86 ,
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