Board of Airline Representatives
In the Netherlands

BARIN is the industry association for airlines undertaking business in The Netherlands.

BARIN Member Airlines are represented by the most senior executives representing their companies in The Netherlands in the case of foreign based airlines, and hold senior executive management positions in the case of the Dutch-home-based airlines.

BARIN is the industry association for airlines undertaking business in The Netherlands.

BARIN Members

Whilst Dutch-home-based airlines are among the members of the BARIN, the majority of the members are foreign based airlines, so the views emanating from the Trade Association reflect both, the national and international nature of the civil aviation business.


The association operates under the BARIN identity since 1970. Long before that, under the name AFARIN, the association can trace its origin back to 1957.

The BAR In the Netherlands is one of the larger BAR’s in Europe, with 48 airlines in membership, covering more than 80% of the aircraft movements from and to The Netherlands

Articles of association

The articles of association are laid down in the Statutes/By Laws as per notarial act; and are recorded in the Register of Associations at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Amsterdam, as of 27 June 2002 with registration number 34178623.

International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommend that a Board of Airline Representatives (BAR) is established in each country where civil aviation is an important part of business life.

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