BARIN, the industry association for airlines undertaking business in The Netherlands, is one of the larger BAR’s in Europe, with 38 airlines in membership.


BARIN Objectives

  • To encourage and promote, in The Netherlands and elsewhere, the interests of regular airlines engaged in the carriage of passengers and cargo to, from and within The Netherlands.
  • To represent the interests of the member airlines so that the best possible conditions for successful civil aviation in The Netherlands are created.
Our objectives are achieved by representing our members in dealings with many industry participants, including:
  • Politicians
  • Government Departments
  • Regulators
  • Airport Operators

As you would expect of an industry association, most of our work is done behind the scenes, keeping our members up to date with industrial and governmental developments that may affect their ability to conduct business.

BARIN Structure

The main bodies in the BARIN are the full Board, the Executive Board, and Steering Committees.
The Executive Board consists of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 members.

The Executive Board Members are elected by the full Board at a BARIN General Assembly.
Home carrier KLM, represented by the Managing Director of KLM Netherlands, has a permanent seat as Vice Chairman on the Executive Board.

Click on Executive Board Members to see the members of the current BARIN Executive Board and BARIN Steering Committees. The general membership find it useful to refer to a Executive Board member’s particular interest in the Executive Board – and at General Assembly meetings, and to obtain an update on the latest developments in that area. BARIN Executive Office day to day running responsibilities are assigned to LJ COMPANY.

Full Membership

This is available to any regular airline that undertakes business within The Netherlands, or is represented in The Netherlands.

Airlines who operate flights to, from, or within, The Netherlands are known as ‘On Line’ members, and those who have a representation – but do not operate to/from airports in The Netherlands, are known as ‘Off Line’ members. Both are referred to as ‘Members’ and enjoy the same rights and benefits.

Annual Membership Fee
The membership year starts on 1 January and an annual membership fee is due by 1 March.
An invoice will be issued as soon as membership is approved by the BARIN Executive Board. Subscription payments must be received and cleared before any application is confirmed.

For membership applications, please send an email to the BARIN Executive Office address: office@barin.nl

Membership Benefits

  • BARIN can ensure that members views and opinions are heard, which is beyond the scope of most members
  • BARIN can provide the time, commitment and expertise to respond to government and regulatory consultations that most members could not.
In addition to these two vital benefits, BARIN membership offers:
  • Entitlement to attend, and vote at, the General Assemblies (BGA)
  • Entitlement to place issues on the agenda at General Assemblies
  • Entitled to join the BARIN Collective Health and other Insurances
  • Entitlement to attend BARIN Informal Gathering (BIG), Educational- and Social Events
  • Representation of views in major consultation documents
  • Updates on current and major issues by the BARIN website and regular e-mails

  Full time BARIN Executive Office- Secretariat which:

  • responds fully to all relevant air transport consultations
  • attends and contributes to relevant Government industry forums, plus Consultative Committees meetings on behalf of Members
  • attends relevant meetings with regulators on behalf of Members
  • attends relevant Associates- Airport- and Airport Consultative Committees meetings
  • lobbies on behalf of Members
  • maintains and edits BARIN website, with a exclusive Members Only Section
  • publishes BARIN Newsletters and maintains contact with the Media
  • can be contacted for advice and membership services
  • Full listing on BARIN website and link to member’s own website

Provisions of conduct

The increasingly competitive environment in which airlines operate, combined with developments in anti-trust policies in Europe, in the US and in the rest of the world, urge BARIN towards firm vigilance at any time in their General Assembly meetings and other BARIN gatherings, whether bilateral or multilateral.

Equal to their international colleague associations such as IATA; BARIN realizes the nature of these developments by covering themselves with multiple guarantees when topics of common interest are discussed

Consequently BARIN does NOT engage itself in:

  • Matters concerning pricing policies and agency remunerations
  • Matters of any other commercial policies between its members and their distribution channels
  • Matters of commercial competition and debate between BARIN members
  • BARIN members or observers are to fully comply with these BARIN Provisions of Conduct, and are supposed to be aware that any discussion regarding such matters, or concerning any other competitively sensitive topics outside the scope of the meetings agenda, either on the floor or off, is strictly prohibited.
BARIN also has links with other organisations which provide particular services for the airline community, such as but not limited to:
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • European Low Fares Airlines Association (ELFAA)
  • Boards of Airline Representatives World-Wide
  • Air Cargo Nederland – Sector Council Cargo Airlines (ACN)
  • Schiphol Airline Operators Committee (SAOC)
  • Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER)
  • Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW)
  • Consumentenbond – Consumer Association of the Netherlands
  • Authority for Consumers & Markets in The Netherlands (ACM)
  • European Commission (EC)