When you travel abroad by train, your journey will be with NS International. This is the NS business unit that makes sure you can travel from any Dutch train station to over 3000 destinations throughout Europe. You book your tickets simply on nsinternational.nl for Thalys, ICE International, Eurostar and TGV high-speed trains, as well as the Intercity trains to Brussels and Berlin. In addition to speed and ease of use when booking tickets online, NS International also makes your trip to and from the station and your stay at the station and in the train as comfortable as possible.

NS International convenience
NS International makes train travel quicker as well as more convenient and comfortable. Whether it’s the train journey itself, the time spent at the station or travelling to and from the station. The service offering is continuously expanded and now includes NS International Lounge for first class passengers at Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiphol stations and the NS International App for Android and Apple. For updates on the latest developments, please visit nsinternational.nl. Here you can also book your tickets.

Transport and the Environment
Research has shown that for medium-long distances the train is the most efficient option from an environmental point of view. Fewer delays and traffic jams means less CO2 production and this benefits both the consumer and the environment!

NS International is part of Railteam, a collaboration between Europe’s main high-speed train companies. Railteam ensures the European high-speed lines connect seamlessly for easy and pleasant travelling within Europe. For destinations up to six hours away, Railteam provides an attractive alternative to the car and airplane.

Visit our website www.NSInternational.nl!