UCC-Services work towards a clean and fair world. Creating a clean and welcoming environment where people can meet, eat, work and live!

The company was founded by Andrew Barker. From 1999 until 2008 Andrew worked at Schiphol and learned to appreciate the cleanliness of a giant public area with constant foot flow. Cleaning is one the most underrated lines of work and rarely appreciated. Whereas cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for our well-being. The idea was to create a company in which people would be happy to work which would reflect in their daily performance.

Cleaning is hard work, sometimes very dirty and cleaners often do not get the respect that they deserve. To us it is vital that our people are happy in their work. They dress smart in a black uniform  with the UCC-Services logo. They get training on the job and we make sure they know their work is appreciated. If they are happy in their work it shows in the end result.

Right from the start we have been doing regular research for a way to “clean green”. We have found some brilliant plant based cleaning solutions and we are pleasantly surprised with the quality compared to all the chemical solutions. We stand for cleaning the natural way!

What we offer is advice to have the best result in a cost efficient way. By cleaning your premises during business hours by blending in, or we work after business hours for minimum disruption. We use the latest technology in cleaning equipment, materials and solutions.

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Head Office
UCC-Services BV
Spieringweg 603 Q
2141 EB Vijfhuizen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 23 576 2395

Schiphol Office
UCC-Services BV
Terminal 3, 7th floor
B Tower, room B731
Vertrekpassage 1-250
1118 AP Schiphol Airport

T: +31 (0) 20 406 9868

E:   a.barker@ucc-services.nl

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