With a passion for revolutionizing travel since 2001, Value Group is dedicated to delivering seamless, tech-driven solutions for IROPs management, passengers’ care, and crew management. Complementing our innovative software solutions, we have created dedicated layover lounges worldwide that prioritize the human factor in travel experiences. By combining cutting-edge technology with personalized services, we provide high-quality, sustainable solutions that optimize disruption management and enhance passenger well-being. Join us in shaping the future of journey disruptions, where the human touch meets technological excellence!

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Mr. Thomas Sergnese – CEO & CCO – email: t.sergnese@valueg.com
Mr. Marco Petri – EMEA Commercial Manager – m.petri@valueg.com
Ms. Claudia Calabrese – Airports Operations and Customer Experience Manager – c.calabrese@valueg.com

Value Group Srl 
Via Cechov, 48
20151 Milano

Direct Phone: +39 02 87046675

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