Werk & IK B.V. is an aviation concept agency which operates in the employment agency sector, we are located at eight airports in five European countries.

Our core business model includes recruiting employees to work in the aviation sector whilst simultaneously providing education, personal development, and training at the Werk & IK academy.

On completion of the Werk & IK Academy training programmes our new aviation employees can be deployed all-round in multi discipline roles across the airport.

Multi-disciplined employees create a pool of workers with the upmost flexibility and skills, our employees can work in short shifts, maybe three/four hours, with an individual client or department and then transfer to other areas or roles for further hours to create a full working day.

This approach allows our clients to share our flexible pool of skilled workers promoting productivity, ensuring personnel numbers and saving time and money.

The unique Werk & IK model creates the flexible hiring of permanent people, creates permanent jobs and increases the job satisfaction and sustainability for our employees.

We create permanent jobs by providing flexibly.

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