BNL 7 Jul.08 – BARIN e-mail NEWS LETTER

* A Kick Of meeting on setting up a European and National ADRA “Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation" ( Europeese en Nationale Geschillen Commissie Luchtvaart) is planned on 16 July. The first (constituerend overleg) meeting of the ADRA Working Group, facilitated by the SER (Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands), will take place late August – early September. BARIN has accepted the recommendation of the so- called “ SER Coordinatiegroep Zelfreguleringsoverleg“ to appoint Prof. H.Snijders, as the independent Chairman of the ADRA Working Group.

The ADRA Working Group will consist of the BARIN-ADRA Steering Committee (in short BASC ) members Frank Allard, Niels van Antwerpen, Jochem Croon, Bram Gräber, and Coen Waasdorp and the representatives of the Consumer Association (Consumenten Bond) Mr. Henk Verhagen and Mr. Bas Willigenburg. They will meet, under the chairmanship of Prof. Snijders, late August-early September for the first working session, on the basis of the set scope, as outlined at the last BGA in June, with the objective of setting up a self -regulated ADRA in The Netherlands, to serve as a blueprint for an ADRA in all EU members states. The Dutch Foundation of Consumer Complaints Boards is available to accommodate the Dutch ADRA in a facilitating role, and they will inform us in a meeting on 14 July about their conditions.

* The BARIN versus the State of The Netherlands expedite appeal against the Ticket Tax took place on 3 July at the District Court of The Hague. You will find the "pleitnota" (plea note) in the Members’ Room, section "BARIN Points of View". The verdict is to be expected on 31 July 2008.

* BARIN Executive Board Member Lawrence Fong is saying goodbye. By the end of June he will return to Hong Kong, taking up a new post at the CX Head Office. Andy Wong will be his successor as Country Manager Benelux & Scandinavia for Cathay Pacific Airways Limited.
We like to thank Lawrence for his professional input and contribution rendered to the BARIN, and wish him lots of success.

* Press Review per 7 July 2008
Update latest press clippings and publications on the public homepage, button "Publications".

-Tarieven schieten omhoog – Schiphol prijst zich uit de markt
-VAKANTIEVLUCHT – Tickettaks drijft reizigers naar Belgie en Duitsland
-31 juli uitspraak spoed-appèl vliegtax
-Forse terugval passagiers Eindhoven Airport
-Prijsoorlog teistert reisbranche
-Passagier en milieu slechter af door staatskasvullende ticketheffing
-Schiphol Airport bevestigt ‘crisissituatie’ door wegblijven passagiers
-Duur Schiphol verkeert in crisis
-OR’s KLM, Martinair en op fiets naar Binnenhof (foto’s)
-Vliegtaks drukt vluchten Easyjet door tickettax al 154 pct meer buitenlands vertrek
-easyJet: tickettax kost ons 200.000 passagiers
-Works Councils of KLM, and Martinair present petition against Dutch Ticket Tax to Parliament
-Luchtvaart en Milieudefensie strijden in Den Haag om aandacht politiek
-Personeel airlines biedt anti-vliegtax petitie aan

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