17 November BARIN NEWS LETTER 2008 for members, industry colleagues, associates


* For the BARIN "in cassatie" appeal at the Dutch High Court against the Dutch State, ref. the verdict of the Court of the Hague regarding BARIN’s expedite appeal against the current Ticket Tax levy by the Dutch Government, required substantiation has been provided to the Court for a forthcoming Court Hearing. Date for such a hearing not yet determined, and will be expected early next year.

* The first round of ADRA Working Group (BARIN and Consumentenbond) formal talks on setting up a European and National ADRA “Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation" ( Europeese en Nationale Geschillen Commissie Luchtvaart), chaired by SER (Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands) “Coordinatiegroep Zelfreguleringsoverleg“ Prof. H. Snijders, has been completed on 29 October .

The delegations of the BARIN, the BARIN ADRA Steering Committee (BASC) and of the Consumers Association (Consumentenbond) have debated this issue extensively since September, under the close supervision of the SER and in consultation with the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards (SGC).

The objective is that these consultations reach consensus in formulating the outlines of a joint – BARIN and Consumentenbond – draft principle agreement concerning the starting points for realising an Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation Committee (Geschillencommissie Luchtvaart) in the Netherlands, taking into account the explicit conditional need, as expressed by the Minister of Transport mr. C. Eurlings , BARIN, the Consumers Association and the SGC, that a consequential implementation in the EU member states has subsequentially to be realised, in order to guarantee a level playing field within the European Union. The parties involved therefore will consequentially request the Minister of Transport to do everything possible to realise such ADRA-EU Committee.

On 12 November the BARIN General Assembly has extensively been briefed by the BASC on the latest developments on these formal talks, to come to the intention of a draft principle agreement concerning the starting points for realising an ADRA Committee in The Netherlands and subsequently in the EU. Thereafter the Minister of Transport has been informed on these developments and his Ministry has called for a meeting for detailed discussions on various items in releation to this intention to come to such draft principle agreement. This meeting will take place shortly.

The Association of Consumer Complaints Boards (ACCB) has agreed to this approach to come to these starting points in order to realise an ADRA NL and EU, as to be determined by BARIN and the Consumentbond, and it will than be up to the SGC to work out a proposal to facilitate and operate, with a European perspective, the Dutch ADRA Committee; to be used as an adequate "blue print" for implementation in the EU member states, once the ADRA has been established in The Netherlands. The ACCB indicates to be ready for operation by the Summer Season in 2009, if agreement has been reached among the key players, i.e. BARIN and the Consumentenbond, within this year.

* AAS Consultations on airport charges setting per April 2009 have taken place late September.
A formal letter of serious concern and urging recommendations for a principal change of the AAS consultation process has been send by BARIN and SAOC to the Board of the Schiphol Group(SG). A reply has, in the meantime, been received from the SG, which will be discussed in the ACG (airlines sector) meeting on 17 November. For a further follow up a meeting, at SG – BARIN- and SAOC Board level, will take place on 4 December.

*ANVR and BARIN evaluated the Code of Conduct Air Travel Offerings ( Code Reisaanbiedingen), which has been in force for over one year. As a result of the evaluation findings some adjustments have been made and were presented to the November BGA, and were approved. The plan is that the amended Code, after consensus with the Advertising Code Authority and the other parties involved, will go into effect per 2009.

Press Review per 17 November 2008

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