BNL 19 Jun.08 – BARIN e-mail NEWS LETTER

This is the 1st edition of the BARIN electronic News Letter ,in short called BNL in this new format, and will be issued regularly with leader-updates on current topics and developments.
We invite our members, industry colleagues, and associates to participate in this BNL, by sending reactions, and/or points of view , which will published in a special column called POV (Points Of View). Send your reactions or POV’s to:

1.BARIN completed orientation talks on plans for a European and National ADRA “Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation” ( Europese en Nationale Geschillen Commissie Luchtvaart). The Minister of Transport, Mr. C.Eurlings, reported on this topic to the Dutch Parliament giving BARIN a leading role in establising the ADRA in a selfregulated manner…read more>> .

On 24 June the BARIN General Assembly will fully briefed on the findings and requested to mandate the BARIN-ADRA Steering Committee to start talks with the Consumer Association ( Consumenten Bond) with the objective to set up a self -regulated ADRA in The Netherlands, as a blueprint for an ADRA in all EU members states..
For these talks the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) … more>> and the Association of Consumer Complaints Boards are available in a facilitating role…read more>>

2. Culpable Offence Fines Regulations. By verdict the Amsterdam Court of Justice agrees with the objections, filed by the BARIN attorneys Mr. Willem Russell and Mr. Jurrien Pen and individual airlines concerned, against these regulation. The imposed fines as from 2006, will be withdrawn. For the verdict (in Dutch)…. read more>>

3. The BARIN attorneys Mr. H.J. de Ru and Mr. R.J. Tjittes will present the Expedite Appeal Oral Pleadings against TKT. TAX on 3 July at 09.30 hours at the District Court in The Hague ….read more>>

NS-Hispeed has been granted BARIN Preferred Supplier-ship
… read more>>

Press Review per 19 June 2008
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• Veertien procent van de reizende Nederlanders betaalt geen vliegtaks
• ATA: US airline losses could near $10 billion this year
• Lufthansa stelt doelen om CO2-emissies te reduceren
• KLM-topman Hartman met brandbrief ‘beetje voorbarig’ ??
• Met flesje water langs de douane kan straks weer
• Eurlings: afrekenen met beeld van luchtvaart als grote vervuiler
• Noodkreet KLM-topman Hartman aan de politiek
• Jos Nijhuis to succeed Gerlach Cerfontaine as President & CEO of Schiphol Group
• Airbus-topman hekelt vliegtaksen
• Luchtvaart trekt fel van leer
• Kabinet kiepert luchtvaart over de schutting
• Vluchthavens ready for take-off
• Air France president: Latest EU ETS proposal treats airlines as ‘idiots’
• Sky International verhevigt verzet vliegtax
• Belangstelling touroperators voor Weeze
• Luchthaven Charleroi expandeert dankzij Waalse en Europese steun
• Toerisme stort in
• Groei CheapTickets door vliegtax
• D-reizen: drie keer zo veel Nederlanders vliegen vanaf Duitsland
• Cry wolf!!
• Reclame Code Commissie tikt Ryanair op vingers na klacht ANVR
• AEA Assembly nominates Ivan Mistetic as Chairman-Elect
• Royal Jordanian’s Majali is New IATA Chairman,
• Industry Leaders Agree To Historic Declaration ‘Governments Need To Take Responsibility’
• Fuel Crisis a Catalyst for Change
• Crisis Again Deep Losses Projected
• Industry Bids Farewell to Paper Ticket

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