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* The first round of ADRA Working Group (BARIN and Consumentenbond) formal talks on setting up a European and National ADRA “Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation" ( Europese en Nationale Geschillen Commissie Luchtvaart),resulted on 4 November 2008 in the outlines of a joint – BARIN and Consumentenbond – draft principle agreement concerning the starting points for realising an Alternative Dispute Resolution for Aviation Committee (Geschillencommissie Luchtvaart) in the Netherlands, taking into account the explicit conditional need, as expressed by the Minister of Transport mr. C. Eurlings , BARIN, the Consumers Association and the SGC, that a consequential implementation in the EU member states has to be realised to guarantee a level playing field within the European Union. The parties involved therefore requested the Minister of Transport to do everything possible to realise such ADRA-EU committee.

On 12 November the BARIN General Assembly, after having been extensively briefed by the BASC, gave their approval on the before mentioned draft principle agreement concerning the starting points for realising an ADRA Committee in The Netherlands and subsequently in the EU. The Minister of Transport has been informed accordingly of this BARIN approval. The Ministry of Transport, in reaction has complimented both parties with the results reached at this stage, but has also asked for a further meeting to discuss a number of items, such as the required funding arrangements. Subsequent discussions resulted on 21 November 2008 in an agreement of understanding between BARIN and the Ministry of Transport.

The Association of Consumer Complaints Boards (ACCB) has agreed to the principal starting points realising an ADRA NL and EU, as submitted by BARIN and the Consumentenbond. In January 2009 the SGC will have a detailed plan available in which they present their proposals on how they will be able to accommodate, in a facilitating/executing role and on the basis of a European perspective, the Dutch ADRA; to be used as an adequate "blue print" for implementation in the EU member states, once the ADRA has been established in The Netherlands. The ACCB indicates to be ready for operation by the Summer Season in 2009.

At a Ministry of Transport press conference in Nieuwspoort – The Hague on 24 November 11.30 hours, the formal signing of the principle agreement by the BARIN Vice Chairman Bram Gräber and the Managing Director of the Consumentenbond Felix Cohen will take place, in presence of the Minister of Transport Camiel Eurlings, the Vice President of the European Union Antonio Tajani, the Chairman of the BARIN Government Affairs Steering Committee Coen Waasdorp, and the Director Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport Ellen Bien. A BARIN announcement has been placed on our website home page, section: "Publications"; click on: Geschillencommissie voor de luchtvaart in Nederland met een Europees perspectief , and a press release will be issued by the Ministry of Transport at the time of the before mentioned press conference.

* BARIN and KLM have decided to lodge a formal complaint at the NMa (Dutch Competition Authority) in respect to the AAS airport charges setting per April 2009.

*On the BARIN and SAOC recommendations for a principal change of the AAS consultation process a meeting on Schiphol Group Executive Board level will take place on 4 December.

Press Review per 23 November 2008

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