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December 2012

BARIN Position Paper re Evaluation Dutch Aviation Act

By Points of view

The Evaluation of the Dutch Aviation Act – chapter Economic Regulation – regarding the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) Operation decree requires final decision making. Last two years of discussions, chaired by the Ministry of I and M, on the issue of an obligatory annual contribution from the AAS non-aviation till earnings to the aviation till has reached the recognition that such a contribution is to be established.

BARIN pleas for an speedy Aviation Law adjustment decision, and has formulated a Position Paper for this purpose sent to the permanent committee of the House of Representatives (Vaste Tweede Kamer Commissie) of Infrastructure and Environment ( Infrastructuur en Milieu)-
click on: BARIN ltr 11 Jan. 2013 to House of Representatives re Single – Dual Till discussion and BARIN alternative proposal for an obligatory annual contribution from non-aviation till to aviation till

*Pressclippings January – 2012:
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’TASSENOORLOG’ OP SCHIPHOL – ’Gratis reclame kan niet meer’
Airlines willen meeprofiteren van ‘non-aviation’ inkomsten Schiphol
‘Schiphol moet over de brug komen’

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